“Dr. Stillson was my doctor for both of my pregnancies and deliveries. I would highly recommend him, and his staff, to any woman, whether this is their first pregnancy or their seventh. Dr. Stillson was, and is, diligent in answering any of my questions or concerns. He would always answer my, “Is this normal?” questions quickly and thoroughly.

When appropriate, he monitored me and my baby just be on the safe side. He’s compassionate and caring even in the last uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy. For both of my deliveries I had to be induced. Dr. Stillson was patient, 18 hours patient, in letting my body do the work to deliver naturally.

He was mindful of me being tired and I was confident in his final decision to have me push or to have a C-section. He was also so encouraging through the whole process. Dr. Stillson and his staff also have great postpartum care and new baby care. They are knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to their patients.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else to be my, or my children’s doctor.


“I value the personal OB care Dr. Stillson provides. I have had several repeat c-sections. It is nice to be able to build a relationship with my doctor knowing he will see me throughout my pregnancy,perform the c-section,provide my post-delivery care, and will be my baby’s doctor. As I’m going into surgery I find it reassuring that I know my doctor and he knows me. I have had a great experience with all of my c-sections and recoveries”


Dr. Stillson has a great bedside manner. His medical knowledge is very evident. During labor he was very reassuring and supportive. We are happy to have him taking care of our new baby as well. He is very attentive to her needs and any questions we have. Bonus….he has a strong faith in Jesus Christ and that is very important to our family.


I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from Dr. Stillson and his team with my two pregnancies. During my first son’s delivery, things weren’t progressing and a c-section was performed. Because of this, my second son was delivered the same. I had such a positive experience my first time around that I felt completely comfortable with Dr. Stillson performing the second c-section.  It is an added benefit having Dr. Stillson not only as my OB, but my family’s primary physician as well.  He has been caring for my children from before birth, and will continue to do so as they grow.*