Because we can do it all for you!

A one-stop shop for all your medical needs, a family physician is trained in primary care, maternal care and pediatric care. This means he or she can serve as your internist, obstetriciangynecologist and, when the time comes, your baby’s pediatrician.

A family physician might be right for you if… you want a doctor who’s continually invested in all aspects of your health and your family.

Family physicians are doctors who provide cradle-to-grave care to the whole family and approach care from a family-oriented perspective. They address needs and concerns relating to all bodily systems. This means that they can provide ongoing care for mothers, babies, and other family members.

Roughly 16% percent of family practice physicians provide maternity care and attend births. They often work together with maternity specialists if a complication arises. A number of Family Physicians are trained in surgery and perform cesarean sections. Dr Stillson is one who has learned to do surgical obstetrics through an Obstetrical Fellowship, which is an additional year of training after his 3 year family medicine residency.

Studies comparing practice styles of family physicians to other maternity caregivers have generally found that women using Family Physicians are less likely than Obstetricians to have common maternity interventions, such as cesarean section, episiotomy, and labor induction. Family physicians combine both an obstetric style of maternity practice and a view of childbirth as an important family event and normal life process. Within family medicine, general family care leads seamlessly to maternity care. And maternity care leads directly into women’s postpartum health care, and newborn and baby care.