01Baby Connect

Baby Connect is touted as the most comprehensive baby tracking application around.  This nifty app tracks everything there is to track about baby—feedings (nursing and bottle), pump schedule, solid foods, diapers, sleep, moods, milestones and medicines. It will graph, chart, list, even share your data via Facebook, Twitter and Email. Best of all is that it synchronizes with iOS devices, Androids, and to the web, which means sharing baby’s particulars with each other or the babysitter is a cinch. This app doesn’t miss a beat.

Apple App Store, $4.99,
Android Market, $5.21, Google Play

02_0Baby Monitor 3G

There are many baby monitoring apps available but Baby Monitor 3G will work on an unlimited range, on any network–WiFi, 3G, Edge and CDMA. The universal app requires 2 iOS devices, one stationed in baby’s room, the other with the parent/caregiver. Once the devices are paired, you have 2-way audio communication with your baby. You can talk to baby from another room and even snap photos remotely to check in on them.

Apple App Store $3.99,

03_0Baby Pack & Go

If you are always on the go travelling with your baby or toddler, you’ll appreciate Baby Pack & Go. The app contains ready-made packing lists of baby and toddler items you won’t want to forget with the flexibility of adding your own items as well. There’s even a “Task Reminder Alert” function which sends reminders to your smart phone. Let’s face it, packing is the least exciting part of travelling, so why not make it a bit easier on yourself?
Apple App Store, $0.99,
Android Market, $0.99, Google Play

04_0Baby Shusher

Baby keeping you up? Not getting enough sleep? Then you may want to give Baby Shusher a try. According to the developer, the app “safely stop baby from crying with rhythmic shush sound that engages a baby’s natural calming reflex by reminding them of still being in the womb”. The shush sound automatically adjusts to the baby’s crying, so if baby is crying loud, the sound will play louder (no point if baby can’t hear it). When their crying subsides, the sound will also auto adjust to a lower level. Even mom, dad, grandma or grandpa can record their own custom shush.

Apple App Store $4.99,
Android Market $2.97, Google Play

05_0Baby Sleep: Lullabies and Teddies

Babies love lullabies and you gotta love an app for its simplicity. Baby Sleep: Lullabies and Teddies include 21 lullabies (ex. Au Claire de la lune, Edelweiss, Hickory Dickery Dock, Rock a Bye Baby) with cute images of plush animals. Just pull the string and the music starts. You can create playlists and set songs to play for 3 to 30 minutes or longer. Sure beats having to wind the mobile multiple times.

Apple App Store $0.99,

06Best Baby Monitor

Watch and listen to your little one in real-time with Best Baby Monitor. The app requires the pairing of two iOS devices over WiFi or Bluetooth. Other features include using the flash on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to check in on baby at night, talk to baby from anywhere in your house, play a lullaby (Twinkle Twinkle, Brahms Lullaby, Sweet Dreams) and even receive a log of baby’s every cry, gurgle and giggle to share. The app will even call or FaceTime you when baby is awake.

Apple App Store $2.99,
Android users can check out Baby Cam Monitor for $2.99 which has similar features to Best Baby Monitor with the added bonus of being able to stream video to a web browser, Google Play

07My Baby & Me by Philips Advent

This is a basic baby development tracking app that tracks baby’s height, weight, feeding, sleeping and diaper changes. It can also turn your baby’s special moments into a personalized movie which can be shared with friends and family on Facebook. Although there are far more comprehensive baby tracking apps available, this one’s completely free.

Apple App Store, Free,

08aMy Kid’s Health

This is the only place you need to keep track of everything health related for your baby starting with basic information such as date of birth, blood type, height and weight to tracking vaccination schedules (data supplied by World Health Organization with reminders synced to calendar), growth records, doctor and dentist appointments, allergies, accidents and illnesses. Perfect for newborns to teens and families with one or more kids. My Kids Health lets you access all the details in one convenient, easy to find place. Makes a great gift for new parents who can’t get enough of their iPad.

iPad, $8.99,

09Parenting Ages & Stages

The Parenting Ages & Stages app targets the age/stage of your child so that you receive information pertaining to child development and parenting issues that are meaningful and relevant to you. The app features content for 5 stages: pregnancy, first year, second year, the early years and the school years. Bonus–push notifications on product recalls.

Apple App Store, Free,
Android Market, Free, Google Play

10_4Sweet Baby

So you have hundreds if not thousands of digital images and videos of your baby. Other than saving them, what else can you do? Why not use them for your digital baby book? The Sweet Baby app for the iPad is essentially the digital version of the baby book. Chronicle Mom and Dad’s journey before baby’s arrival and organize baby firsts and milestones centrally in one safe place. Add photos, videos, even audio to pre-loaded pages and add your own text to complete the story. Easily add or delete pages, create multiple books and even share pages via email or export pages to PDF.

iPad, Free,