Although Dr Stillson does what he can to avoid C-sections, at times they necessary.

If you will need a repeat C-Section, regardless of who has done your prior surgeries, Dr Stillson would be delighted to care for you and perform your C-Section. Please click here to Make An Appointment.

Please note, due to our hospital policy, we can-not perform V-BAC’s in Plymouth, nor can we  perform a tubal ligation at the time of your C-Section.

Whether you are going to experience your first C-section, or a repeat C-section, there are some resources that can help you:

  • If You Are Scared About What a C-Section Is Like:

  • If You Are Having A Repeat C-Section:
  • Here are a few facts to know when you are having another C-Section:
    • It can be done electively, prior to labor, any time beginning at 39 weeks.
    • If you come in labor prior to 39 weeks, the C-Section can be performed.
    • You are required to have an empty stomach for 6 hours prior to the surgery.
    • It is most commonly done with spinal anesthesia so you will be awake for the procedure.
    • You will usually stay in the hospital for 48-72 hours after your C-Section.