Where is Dr. Stillson Located ?
Where is SJHS Plymouth Hospital ?
Where will my baby be born?

I have heard Dr Stillson is not taking new patients, so why the website?

Dr Stillson is currently taking any OB patients (both new or currently established patients) and is taking newborns (both new and currently established patients). But he is NOT TAKING ON NEW PATIENTS BEYOND OB AND NEWBORNS. His passion is OB and young family care, so he is choosing to narrow his practice growth to this area of focus only. He will continue provide care of his currently established patients of all ages.

If I have had a C-Section in the past, can Dr Stillson perform my repeat C-Section?

Yes, Dr Stillson is trained and qualified to perform both primary and repeat C-Sections. Even if he did not do the prior C-Sections, he can provide your care and perform your C-Section with your current pregnancy.

Can I have my tubes tied after my delivery or at my C-Section?

No. SJHS Plymouth Campus is a Catholic Healthcare Organization part of what is known as Trinity Health. Due to our organizations deeply held convictions, we are unable to provide this service in our institution. Should you desire a tubal ligation, Dr Stillson will refer you to a provider who can do this after your delivery is complete. This is typically performed about 6 weeks after your delivery, although is some circumstances it can be done within 48 hours of your delivery.

If I have had a complicated or difficult delivery in the past, do I have to do another vaginal delivery?

After careful evaluation of your past maternity history from Dr Stillson, you may be a candidate for Dr Stillson to perform a primary C-Section on you in order to avoid additional perineal trauma to your body.

Who will deliver my baby?

Unlike most OB Clinics in our region, Dr Stillson will provide all of your office based prenatal care, and will be there to deliver your baby at SJHS Plymouth Campus over 80% of the time. He values the importance of trust and relationship in OB care.

Do I have to live in Marshall County to see Dr Stillson?

No, as long as your insurance is accepted by Dr Stillson and SJHS Plymouth Campus, he can see you. He welcomes patients from all over the region to come experience his personal care during your pregnancy.

What if my pregnancy becomes complicated or I am considered a “High Risk” pregnancy, can Dr Stillson still take care of me?

Dr Stillson has training and experience with caring for both low risk and moderate risk patients. Based on his experience and the needs of both you and your newborn, he will arrange for consultation and support from our team of both local and regional maternity experts to support your pregnancy. He will be there to guide you through you and your baby’s safety in mind. Should your pregnancy needs exceed the support services at our local hospital in Plymouth, he will transfer your care to specialty OB providers in South Bend-Mishawaka or Indianapolis.