How to Choose a Baby Name

Picking a name for your baby may seem exciting at first, but many soon-to-be parents grow frustrated by the challenge of naming their unborn child. Much of this stress comes from the pressure of trying to appease relatives and friends … Continued

The Pros & Cons of Panorama Genetic Testing

Should every couple undergo genetic prenatal testing? Many couples never even consider the possibility that they might have a baby with a chromosome problem, such as Down syndrome, or a birth defect, such as a cleft lip. A generation ago, … Continued

Daily Aspirin Usage — Can It Be Considered For Pregnant Women At Risk For Pre-Eclampsia?

Low-dose aspirin has long been known for its blood-thinning properties. During pregnancy, for some women, this can be a low-risk preventative measure. New research shows that the blood-thinning properties in low-dose aspirin can thwart another pregnancy complication – pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is … Continued

Should You Know The Baby’s Gender?

“Are you going to find out your baby’s gender before the big day?”Other than the classic “When are you due?” question, getting asked if you plan to learn your baby’s gender beforehand can get annoying. Particularly if you’re still trying … Continued

Pros and Cons of Epidurals

I won’t sugar-coat it – childbirth hurts.  Thankfully, modern medicine has granted us some pain-control options that make delivering a baby significantly more bearable than it was centuries ago, or even just a generation ago.   The majority of pain relief … Continued

Breastfeeding Unplugged

According to the World Health Organization, breastfeeding is one of the most effective ways to ensure child health and survival.  WHO actively promotes breastfeeding as the best source of nourishment for infants and young children. If breastfeeding were scaled up to … Continued

Staying Focused on Exercise

Legendary New York Yankee catcher Yogi Berra is known as much for his refreshingly humorous sayings as for his baseball talents.  Yogi had a knack for serving up truths in ways that nobody had ever considered in the past. Here … Continued

Tips For Moms To Develop Healthy Routines

The nights are getting brisk, and summer has definitely moved into autumn.  The changing of the season is a good time to think about the routines of nature.  Winter into spring into summer into fall. Days elapse, seasons change, and … Continued

Our Obstetrical Services Help Women Throughout their Lifetime

Our obstetrical services do not end the moment a woman gives birth. Many of the patients who visit us for care come in during pregnancy, remaining under our care throughout their pregnancy and during the birth of their child. After … Continued

What’s Covered in Childbirth Education Classes

Childbirth education is something that every woman should go through prior to delivering their first child. Giving birth is one of the most challenging things that anyone will ever do.  However, with the right amount of knowledge, preparation and emotional … Continued