Our Obstetrical Services Help Women Throughout their Lifetime

Posted on: May 16, 2018

Our obstetrical services do not end the moment a woman gives birth. Many of the patients who visit us for care come in during pregnancy, remaining under our care throughout their pregnancy and during the birth of their child. After the successful delivery, we will continue to provide follow-up care.

We understand that there can be some confusion regarding how we help women but it is important for us to make clear that our services can be valuable throughout the course of a woman's lifetime, regardless of whether or not she is pregnant.

In fact, it is likely that pregnancy has caused some things to change and there may be concerns that women are simply not talking about when they should. Thus, we encourage women to maintain annual appointments with our office. It only benefits them further to remain free and open when discussing the challenges that they are facing.

Obstetrical services

Our obstetrical services involve treating all areas of a woman's reproductive health. This is true whether the woman wants to have a baby, never wants to become pregnant or is well beyond child-bearing years. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Prenatal care
  • Care during labor and delivery
  • Birth control
  • Hysterectomy
  • Treating cysts or cyst removal
  • Cervical cancer detection and treatment
  • Mammograms

Our patients comfort is a top priority

Some of the obstetrical services that our patients often find difficult to discuss have to do with their sexual enjoyment or ability to have sex at all. For example, some women experience a great deal of pain during intercourse. Thinking this is normal, these women do not bring it up. Others think the pain is in their head or that there is nothing they can do, keeping quiet.

Very often, these painful interactions are the result of a health problem that is treatable. We just need to know about the pain in order to be able to determine the cause. Likewise, some women experience discomfort from vaginal dryness. We can also treat this condition in our office.

We can customize our treatment for a more effective process than over-the-counter solutions can. We encourage all of our patients to be open and honest about any symptoms that they are experiencing regardless of whether it is a comfortable topic. This is our specialty and we are here to help.

Visit us versus a general practitioner

It is also important to note the benefits of visiting an OB instead of a general physician to discuss areas of female health. A general family doctor is certainly the right person to visit with a cold, flu or for general health concerns. When it comes to areas of reproductive health or comfort during intercourse, it is important to visit a medical professional who deals with these issues on a daily basis.

Therefore, we are able to quickly identify what the problem is and recommend a treatment solution. If surgery or more invasive treatment methods are necessary, we will help recommend the most effective treatment option and the process.

Visit our office for help

Regardless of what challenges you are facing with your health as a woman, there is a very good chance that our obstetrical services can provide the treatment necessary to help you feel better. Call us today to schedule an appointment so that we can be of further assistance.