Let’s Talk About Nitrous Oxide

As you prepare for your baby’s arrival, it is important to know what your options are for natural and medicinal pain relief. One of the options that you may not already be aware of is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, when … Continued

Safe Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Many expectant mothers feel troubled by weight gain that comes with pregnancy. Though a certain amount of weight gain is absolutely necessary for the health of the fetus, it is equally important to know that too much weight gain can … Continued

Do Family Physicians Perform C-Sections?

Last week we discussed whether or not family doctors still deliver babies. Though it is true that some family physicians have the necessary credentials to deliver babies, it is important to find out if your particular doctor is also capable … Continued

Do Family Doctors Still Deliver Babies?

When you find out you’re expecting, the list of decisions you have to make may seem never ending. Though no one can deny there are many choices to be made, you can find encouragement in knowing each decision helps prepare … Continued

Do Women Still Have Episiotomies During Labor?

Though you may have heard the term “episiotomy” tossed around at the hospital or with other expectant mothers, the details of this procedure are not commonly discussed, and therefore, you may not be aware of what an episiotomy is and … Continued

Repeat Cesarean Deliveries

Mothers who have had a Cesarean delivery with a previous child might be concerned with having a second C-section. Repeat C-sections do come with some unique risks, and therefore many women elect to have vaginal birth after Cesarean (known as … Continued

How to Choose a Baby Name

Picking a name for your baby may seem exciting at first, but many soon-to-be parents grow frustrated by the challenge of naming their unborn child. Much of this stress comes from the pressure of trying to appease relatives and friends … Continued

The Pros & Cons of Panorama Genetic Testing

Should every couple undergo genetic prenatal testing? Many couples never even consider the possibility that they might have a baby with a chromosome problem, such as Down syndrome, or a birth defect, such as a cleft lip. A generation ago, … Continued

Daily Aspirin Usage — Can It Be Considered For Pregnant Women At Risk For Pre-Eclampsia?

Low-dose aspirin has long been known for its blood-thinning properties. During pregnancy, for some women, this can be a low-risk preventative measure. New research shows that the blood-thinning properties in low-dose aspirin can thwart another pregnancy complication – pre-eclampsia. Pre-eclampsia is … Continued

Should You Know The Baby’s Gender?

“Are you going to find out your baby’s gender before the big day?”Other than the classic “When are you due?” question, getting asked if you plan to learn your baby’s gender beforehand can get annoying. Particularly if you’re still trying … Continued