What You Should Know About Cervical Health

Posted on: March 7, 2019

Perhaps this is not the most fun topic, but cervical health is an important issue to address because of the vital role it plays during childbirth. A few factors that you may not be aware of that affect your cervical health include your immune system, smoking/second hand smoke intake, stress, and diet. 
Though this may initially seem like a strange thing to include in a list of ways to improve cervical health, the immune system affects the cervix because it naturally fights against HPV and other cervical related health issues. Of course, prevention is truly the best medicine, so be sure to strengthen your immune system by eating well, sleeping enough, and taking vitamins or supplements (the B vitamins are especially known to aid in cervical health).
Two issues that are often connected to cervical health issues and build upon one another are smoking and stress. Stress affects cervical health by producing abnormal Pap results, and many women turn to cigarettes to help ease their stress. However, cigarettes can be linked to cervical cancer, especially in women who already have HPV. Because of these risks, it is highly recommend you try to stop smoking. However, if you do not feel driven to quit, limiting your smoking intake and finding other ways to cope with stress will be highly beneficial to your cervical (and overall) health in the long run. 
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